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For installation, it is important that the environmental conditions within the property are conducive to the fitting of a wooden floor, for example:

  • the building must be weather tight
  • wet trades such as screeding, plastering and any other which may contribute to the moisture in the room must have been completed for at leat 2 weeks.
  • the relative humidity of the room should be between 40-60%.
  • the room temperature must be between 16-23 degrees.

The floor can be used as a floating floor or as a structural floor, secret nailed on the joints.

Due to its engineered construction this floor is suitable for most underfloor heating system.

Since wood is a natural material, there are chromatic and grain differences that makes all elements different one from the other. The finishing and shadings are handcrafted, therefore colours and shadings may vary from the pictures and samples. These are intended to be indicative and not binding.

‘as thick as traditional floorboards’

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